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Shot One Studio

We specialize in getting brands like yours noticed with unique and authentic visual storytelling.

What does authentic storytelling look like? We’re glad you asked!

An authentic story is more than an infographic that moves! It’s more than a voice with pretty pictures. 

A real story authentically told:

  •  Says something meaningful and unique about you and your product. 

  •  Cares about your audience, respects their time, and speaks their language.   

  •  Tells it like it is in an unexpected, surprising, and impossible-to-ignore way.

An authentic story changes hearts and minds. It can transform your marketing strategy … but it has to be done well. It has to be inspired. It has to reach for something bigger and better than paint-by-numbers video production. Real storytelling: That’s the bar we set for ourselves at Shot One Studio.

Shot One Studio - Production Setup

Shot One Studio - Production Setup

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Here’s why real storytelling matters 

(now more than ever)

Why does authentic video production even matter? It’s a valid question. After all, the demand for video is huge. Marketing via moving images is rapidly becoming the most important way to tell the world about your product. 


More online video content is made in 30 days than US television networks created in 30 years of continual broadcasting. 

Soak that last figure in.


Audience saturation: That’s why real storytelling matters.

☑️  Sure, video content reaches eyeballs. But being seen isn’t nearly enough. We have to reach brains. 

☑️  And to make an impact on frontal cortexes in this distraction-saturated imagescape, you need way more than pretty visuals and flawless production technique. Your story needs to be fuelled with innovation and insight. 

☑️  Delivering that magical cocktail of meaning requires… how to put this?… a particular approach, a precise and battle-tested process. 


of marketers say video is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. 


of consumers say they’ve bought a product after watching a video.

 to learn how we can transform your audience

The Shot One Studio difference

We listen, learn & innovate
We keep you informed and included
We help you make your own content 
We’re (extremely!) price-competitive

How do you find a powerful story that sells? By telling a story about something real. In this age of marketing checklists and AI algorithms, fiercely active listening is a radical act. That’s what we offer! We’ll dig deep with your team, relentlessly exploring the possibilities until we find … that most elusive of things: an idea that shines. 


From the first moment we start working together, we’ll introduce you to our creative process, a method for creating great stories we’ve perfected over decades of work in video production. Step by step, we’ll guide you through the creative process. You’ll be a key part of every creative decision as your story evolves from an idea to a focused and distinctive product.

Unlike many other production companies, we hand over complete ownership of every asset we make for you, so you aren’t locked into relying on a third-party company to make more content. If you want to keep working with us, great! But if you feel ready to make your own video content, all the assets we created will be at your fingertips.

Shot One Studio is a small team, but we have the skills and experience to perform all our production steps in-house. This works out great for you because we can consistently offer a quality product at under 60 percent of the standard industry rate.


Talk to us today to learn more

about how we can make your video count

Video is potent.  Make yours count.

Do you have something important to tell, explain or sell? Don’t squander your story working with a production company that places technique before truth, checklists before storytelling. Remember:

Over 65 percent of your customers prefer video  over other marketing content. 

Make sure your video content counts.

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