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Are you looking for an animation explainer video that transforms humdrum facts and figures into a story that sticks? 

We’re Shot One Studio — a boutique (yet scrappy!) team of videographers, marketers, and communicators. We make succinct, story-driven explainer videos your audience will remember.

And because we’re a boutique (and don’t forget scrappy!) outfit, we can offer you an extremely competitive deal on your next explainer video. The standard rate is around $10,000. We can offer the same quality for around $2,000.

Here’s how we explain your idea
in a way that people will remember

Videography technique and story-telling experience all count for a lot. But it starts with something more basic. We understand the difference between informing your audience and making them understand. 

Case in point: Here’s a book about the many martial campaigns of Julius Caesar. It’s filled to the brim with dates, names, and footnotes. It’s 818 pages long. This book offers information. You could squash a cockroach with this thing at fifty paces. 

Here’s how Caesar himself told that same story: “We came. We saw. We conquered.” It’s 6 words long (count them if you like: we’ll wait). In one outrageous flex of explanatory crystallization, Ol’ Jules offers a moment of crisp ‘n crunchy understanding.


To explain something in a way that gets remembered…

Don’t fixate on informing your audience. They probably won’t remember!


But do everything in your power to make them understand.

Here's our point

Here's what we've done before

We listen and learn about what makes you tick

Our process begins with a barrage of fiercely active listening! We’ll dig deep into what you’re trying to say until we can discern mere facts and figures from the beating heart of what you want your audience to understand and remember.

We build your unique, visual library of animations

Research tells us that you have seconds to grab your audience’s attention. To make those moments count, we build a unique and vibrant library of animations, illustrations, and voiceovers to distill your idea down to a simple message, as persuasive as it is memorable.

By building your explainer with customized animations, your video stays relevant and up to date even if your product interface or packaging changes.


We test and refine your material until it shines

We don’t call our work done when we finish your video. We’ll work with you to refine the content, testing it for impact, optimizing your content for SEO, and configuring the footage to work seamlessly on all your social media. Long story short: We make sure your explainer video gets results.


The Shot One Studio difference

Here’s a glimpse into our process

Devon Franklin
Senior Manager,
Magnet @Ryerson

It has always been a great experience working with Jeneeit and his team. The project I lead has had very tight turn arounds for digital collateral, and Jeneeit has always been able to accommodate my requests and met competing deadlines on time. The digital products are well executed and have been a real asset to our broader marketing strategy.

Grace Bishop
Senior Manager,
Harvey’s Restaurants

The work you and your team provided was amazing! I was wowed from the moment I saw the first cut of the videos.

Haddas Lederman
Communications Manager, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Jeneeit's team at Shot One Studio is top notch and always goes above & beyond! The quality of their videos are amazing and they will work diligently with you to ensure that the final result is exactly what you're looking for. We were more than thrilled with the logo animation that Jeneeit produced for the Ontario Made program.

Ananth Seshan
CEO, 5G Energy Ltd., Ottawa

We engaged Jeneeit for creating a video presentation of a success story of our company. Jeneeit showed patience in understanding our need, showed leadership in recommending ideas and concepts that would add value to the video, and last but not least, "ran the extra mile" in the implementation and delivery by accommodating for some last minute additions to the original requirement! The quality of the delivered video was excellent! 

Here's what our clients say about our work


Explaining isn’t enough

Make them understand

  • Explainer videos your audience will remember.

  • Ridiculously competitive rates with a dazzling and professional finished product.

  • 10 percent of our profits go to the Jeyam Foundation, to help raise awareness about cyber bullying of children.


  The average adult attention span is 8 seconds.  

Make those Mississippi's count!

about how we can transform information into understanding.
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